Assess Your Home Package

When you’ve lived in your home for a long time, identifying potential obstacles right in front of you may be challenging.


Life Managers’ Asses Your Home is conducted by a National Association of Home Builders Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS). This professional will thoroughly review your home and identify modification options, major or minor, to support aging residents. 


When you evaluate your modification options and understand the potential time and costs needed, you can plan, before a crisis occurs, so you can save money and make choices that best meet your desires.


Life Managers’ Assess Your Home includes, but is not limited to, an examination of entrances, bathrooms, doorways, closets, flooring, master bedroom, and main living areas, within the context of your current and future lifestyles. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the suitability of your home for accommodating an aging individual.


Areas that may pose potential obstacles will be identified. There is no one correct solution for an obstacle. This is where personal preferences and budget come into play. To assist you in decision making, Life Managers will provide choices from quick fixes to extensive renovations. For example, in a bathroom you may be able to add grab bars and a shower chair or decide a better solution for you is renovating the entire bathroom. Estimated expenses for each modification will be included in the report.


Using this information, you can confirm whether it is practical for you to age in your

current home and if so, what modifications if any, you would like to make. You can begin to design and execute the improvements that are most important to you so you can age in place.


Organize Your Papers Package

The purpose of this component of planning is to collect all your important documents, data, and files in an organized, easy-to-access system. When this essential information is accessible, planning and making decisions related to aging in place is significantly easier, stress is reduced and financial planners, family members, and other resources are better positioned to support you.


Personal Inventory Report: A Life Manager Client Manager meets with you to gather the information needed to compile this Inventory Report. Your personal Inventory Report will be organized in a way that allows you, and any other designated individual, to know the location of all financial accounts, insurance plans, legal documents, wills, personal affect distribution, and other important information. The process may uncover items that you need to address such as consolidating accounts, updating legal documents or insurance policies, and removing and shredding outdated or unnecessary records. You will receive an organized binder as well as an electronic folder with all relevant data organized.


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