You LIVE BETTER when we help manage details of your life!  You will enjoy greater independence, have flexibility, and maintain control over your life.

You can engage with us on an hourly basis or purchase a  Plan to Age in your Home Package for a set fee.

Hourly Services


In an ongoing engagement, we will create solutions to meet your individual needs so you can focus on what matters most.  We can perform household management tasks or design a comprehensive plan for aging in place to ensure you have control over future plans and decisions. You decide what works best for you!


We value the relationships we build with our clients and work hard to become their trusted, confidential advisors.  Each client relationship is unique and so we offer a wide variety of services.

Managing Daily Lifestyle
  • Paying bills, reconciling accounts, organizing payment schedules

  • Managing mail, organizing paperwork & other administrative tasks

  • Preparing and managing budgets  

  • Cleaning, organizing, & purging home

Managing Home & Maintenance
  • Coordinating home, lawn, & grounds maintenance  

  • Managing clutter & designing storage solutions

  • Preparing for downsizing, relocation, or move

  • Assessing & planning regular home repairs

Coordination & Communication of Services
  • Identifying core issues and assisting in decision making process

  • Working with families to plan existing and future needs

  • Coordinating services of third parties

  • Documenting all plans and decisions & communicating as needed

When you select a customized solution, we begin with an initial one-hour needs assessment FREE of charge.  As your personal assistants and expert organizers, we work with you to identify opportunities for efficiency and design and implement plans to manage your life smoothly.  We listen carefully to your needs and establish a plan to deliver whatever support you need to live your life well!

Alternately, you can purchase one of the service packages listed below for a set fee.


Service Packages -

Plan to Age in Your Home

Assess your Home Package

Life Managers’ Asses Your Home is conducted by a National Association of Home Builders Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS). She will thoroughly review your home and identify modification options, major or minor, to support aging residents. 

You receive:  


  • Evaluation- of entrances, bathrooms, doorways, closets, flooring, master bedroom, and main living areas
  • Identification of modification options and estimated costs of each

  • Comprehensive Findings Report on your home’s suitability for accommodating an aging individual

Using this information, you can confirm whether it is practical for you to age in your current home and if so, what modifications you would like to make.  When you understand the modification options, time and costs you can plan, before a crisis occurs. This saves you money and lets you choose what is best for you.  


Organize Your Papers Package


Be prepared for anything by having vital information at your fingertips.  A personal inventory is a comprehensive, documented summary list of: Bank accounts, insurance policies, legal paperwork, medical information, key contact information and more! 


This document can be easily shared with loved ones, offering piece of mind and a reference tool of all critical information.    

Create a Plan for Living Package

In order to ensure your safety and maintain your power in decision making as your cognitive and physical abilities change, you can map out what will happen when certain milestones are reached.


The Plan for Living serves as a framework for structuring the decisions you may have to make as your life changes.  Clients use this as the basis for family discussions or to stand alone as documentation of their wishes to share with loved ones.

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